Sharing the Westonbirt's Projects plans

Posted: April 29, 2010 at 09:34 am Author: Katrina Podlewska

The Westonbirt Project is progressing at an exciting rate and letting people know about what we hope to provide for visitors, staff and the local community is vital for gaining, and keeping, support for the project.

For the local community, our aim is to keep our neighbours well informed about building developments and the planning proposals we will be submitting.

Our recent local community evening attracted people from Westonbirt Village, Tetbury and Malmesbury (and several villages in-between).

The turn out was good (despite competing with the first ever televised election leaders’ debate for our audience), and the Westonbirt Project team, including representatives from the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum and Westonbirt School made their way around the visitors to discuss the plans on show and answer questions.

Feedback was generally positive and some really important, and sometimes difficult, questions were raised and answered by the team. Feedback was encouraged and many attendees submitted comments cards.

Perhaps the most encouraging comment: “A great way to bring Westonbirt into the 21st Century whilst retaining original ideas”. This to me sums up perfectly the aims of the project; to enhance visitor experience, provide new learning opportunities and connect people with the collection in new ways without compromising the history, heritage and fundamental principles of Westonbirt.